Teachable Machine With HamadaGPT

LLM Prompt, which has characteristics for developing artificial intelligence as a type of AutoML, and a service that can easily develop and distribute artificial intelligence with data.


Hamada A.I

1. Fast learning speed: The Teachable Machine learns very fast and has the advantage of getting the results you want even if you don’t have enough data.

2. User-friendly: A service that even ordinary people can easily access and teach/use devices, allowing them to learn AI models without complex coding.

3. Various data recognition: Recognize and learn various data such as images, sounds, and posture.

4. Accessibility: The biggest feature is that you can use it easily even if you don’t know how to code or aren’t good at math.

5.Web-based Platform: The Teachable Machine is a web-based platform that can be used anytime, anywhere through a web browser without a separate installation.

Create advanced AI with Hamada LLM.

Save and share your own AI model that you’ve learned!

We’re going to give your AI model a private space or a public space.

If you save the learned model with the LLM model, we will expand the search in Vectordb so that your model can develop into the world.

Build AI models together with HamadaGPT, even if it’s minor, and spread various AI models around the world!